WACA Western Australian Cricket Association
Waggin School Playing truant – hookie – skip school.
Walkabout Walk in the Outback by Aborigines [lasting for an indefinite amount of time]
Walloper One who thrashes someone or just punches the shit out of them.
Waltzing Matilda Wander aimlessly in the bush, the unofficial Australian National Anthem.
Wally A person that keeps making mistakes.
Wanker One who masturbates or is full of themself, egotistical.
Water Hole The local pub or hotel
Weekend Warrior Army reservist
Westie Someone from Sydney’s Western Suburbs
Wharfie Dock-or water front worker – cargo mover.
What-da-ya-know A phrase used to open a conversation.
Whinge – Whinger Belly ache - whine or complain incessantly.
White Ants Termites, small insects that eat wood.
White Pointer Topless (female) sunbathers [shark]
Willy Nilly Without thought or organisation.
Willy Willy A miniature whirl wind
Windscreen Windshield on a car or truck
Wineo Alcoholic – drunk.
Witchetty Grub White tree boring grubs, eaten raw or cooked by Aborigines.
Wobbly Excitable behaviour [pissed off]
Wog Flu or trivial illness – a bug [viral infection.
Wog A person of a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean origin a foreigner.
Wombat Somebody that eats, roots & leaves (see also root) a simple minded person.
Woop Woop A name for any small unimportant town or place
Wowser A straight-laced person or prude – a spoilsport.
Wuss A coward; nervous person or animal.
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